What the doctor ordered - making learning a crucial prescription for longer life

Posted: 22nd June 2015

What the doctor ordered - making learning a crucial prescription for longer life

Research continues to highlight the importance of lifelong learning as a prescription for a longer, healthier life - keeping minds active and people socially engaged.

A new FREE leisure-learning course, designed specifically for those over 50, will be running at South Gloucestershire and Stroud (SGS) College's WISE Campus, this July, offering life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities.

Starting Monday July 13 and also on Wednesday July 15, this new, free course, named Refresh 2 Impress, is for semi-retired and retired people who want to meet others and enjoy learning together, for the sheer joy of brushing up old skills or the discovery of new ones.

Whether your interest is intellectual, practical, or for fun, Refresh 2 Impress can be very rewarding and extend your circle of friends.

Participants can take part in a range of activities including understanding modern technology, first aid at home, photography, painting, gentle gym and more. In addition, learners will be taught valuable day-to-day maths skills that are essential in today's hi-tech world and will even get a qualification upon completion of the course as proof of their ability.

Included in this exciting package are a daily free lunch and local group bookings can also take advantage of free transportation.

Refresh 2 Impress designer, Sarah Kopera, comments: "As a society all generations are generally more active, more aware of a healthy lifestyle, and more outgoing than the last. Refresh 2 Impress reflects that outlook, providing a leisure-learning course that maximises enjoyment and the ability to live life to the full. It's also a chance to meet other likeminded people, socialise and have fun."

Refresh 2 Impress courses are delivered at SGS College's Wise campus - a great venue in north Bristol offering a vibrant learning environment and cutting edge facilities especially in Leisure areas and the Arts

For more information or to book a place please call: 0800 056 6940.

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