Could an SBR course help you? It helped Rani!

Posted: 19th April 2016

Could an SBR course help you? It helped Rani!

SGS reaches record number of apprenticeship vacancies

SGS College has reached a record-high number of apprenticeship vacancies, offering a whopping 87 positions, available via the apprenticeship vacancy website.

Apprenticeships on offer include accounting, business administration, supply chain management, customer service and more.

SGS has gone from strength to strength since being formed in 2011. The apprenticeship provision has been particularly successful, with an intake of over 1,200 apprentices per year. Both overall and timely success rates are well ahead of national averages.

SGS College also provides a pre-apprenticeship programme, to support individuals who are not quite apprenticeship-ready to prepare them to access future apprenticeship opportunities.

Much of the College’s apprenticeship growth is attributable to long term partnerships with key employers, both large and small. These include public sector organisations, such as South Gloucestershire Council and the Ministry of Defence, large multinationals, such as Boeing, and equally important, local employers in all sectors.

Just last week the college signed a landmark apprenticeship partnership with Bristol City Council.

SGS, who is lead sponsors of the 2016 Bristol Post and Bath Chronicle Apprenticeship Awards, will now offer students the chance to undertake apprenticeship placements with the council.

More than a hundred placements will be available each year in a broad range of sectors across departments including business administration, accountancy and surveying.

The partnership will also include higher apprenticeship in several roles such as human resource management.

Applications for apprenticeships with the council will take place three times a year, and there are currently 25 positions available.

Rani Kaur, is the first apprentice for Bristol City Council with SGS College, pictured alongside Laura Thomas, account manager from SGS College for Bristol City Council.

Rani came through the College from the Suited, Booted, Recruited course which helps unemployed people gain the nessesary skills needed to get back into work.

Patrick Mcleod, head of offsite provision at SGS said: “We pride ourselves on working closely with our employers, to ensure we get a clear understanding of their requirements.

"We know their teams and we are able to help them recruit great apprentices that become real assets to their businesses.

“Most apprentices continue into permanent employment with their employer and many progress to a higher level of apprenticeship.”

To find out more about how apprenticeships can boost your career or your business, contact the apprenticeship team on 0800 072 6077 or email 

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